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  • - Improve The Online Customer Experience
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  • - Web Marketing For New Prospects
  • - Identify Product Development Gaps
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Web News:

  • Consumers take notice of small business reviews.
  • Social Media & Search Engines continues to expose businesses to new prospects.
  • Web reviews and mobile text marketing campaigns continues to attract new clients,


Your Online Reputation & Web Marketing


Today your business needs web marketing more than ever, your online reputation is very important. Simply having a web site won't cut it anymore.

Organizations and prospects worldwide as well as those right here in Middle Tennessee draw conclusions about your business based on shared "customer experiences" which are posted on a variety of online web portals.

Whether you have made the decision to actively engage in online advertising, online branding and reputation management or if you're simply considering the concept, chances are someone is or will be talking about their experience with your products, services or even your staff on a social media web site or review forum.

There's an old business saying that goes like this, "A happy customer tells 3 people, but an unhappy customer tells 3000 people."

Universal access via Internet and mobile devices makes it extremely easy for customers and prospects to tell the world exactly how well you manage the "customer experience". Whether your focus is a Tennessee web marketing campaign or a more wide scale online marketing campaign, we can help.

Are you managing your online reputation effectively? Is your online reputation developing by default?


Cyber Income Solutions (CIS), a Nashville Tennessee based web consulting firm is dedicated to helping you create compelling online media and web marketing campaigns that are engaging and protective of your online reputation.



Does the totality of your online presence deliver a good customer experience?

CIS "web hubs" are designed to extend your business to the Internet the right way. These hubs encourage customer involvement and help bolster your online reputation.

Whether you're just starting out or even if your site could use an upgrade, discover what CIS Web Hubs can deliver to expand your online presence and help bolster your online branding and reputation..

Once your CIS Hub is set up, you can update your own web hub with content at anytime! (text, images, video, etc...)

Even if you just learned how to use Notepad last week!


If A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words, An Online Video Could Be Priceless...

Discover an easy and effective way to create "Buzz" and gain exposure online. Promotional web video can easily give your brand a boost.

Send us a video or we'll create one for you. We can also distribute your videos to reputable video sharing sites for effective online branding.

* Visually enhances your brand name and reputation

* Easily distributable and may be used within various promotional media

* Contributes to bolstering search engine rankings and organic search results

* Helps create or repair online branding and web reputation

Web Strategies..

Your Online Reputation...


Focusing On The Customer Experience With CIS Social Media 360

Gain insight from customer and prospect interaction about what they like, dislike and need with respect to your services. CIS Social Media 360 helps you do just that.

A Social Media 360 Marketing Campaign helps provide your business or organization with additional insight as to what your customers and prospects think about your business. More importantly, Social Media 360 can also help identify gaps or opportunities for new products and services which can further monetize your offerings.

Find out what others have to say about your products, services and your customer experience model. Use Social Media 360 to stay fully engaged with customers and prospects.

read more about CIS Social Media 360...

CIS Client Watch

Stay On Top Of Your NAME With CIS Client Watch

CIS Client Watch keeps an eye on what's being said about your business or organization online. In addition, we develop and distribute articles and relevant content across many social media outlets to introduce or enhance your online reputation and drive traffic to your online property. This also helps to establish your business as an authority in your market. More useful and relevant content combined with targeted distribution provides more ways for prospects to find you when they need you.. In addition, this helps you to stay on top of your online reputation.

Find out how CIS Client Watch can help you monitor your online reputation...

Text Message Advertising

Middle Tennessee Text Message Advertising

"Text "COOLSTUFF" to 456172 to receive a list of this weeks specials"...

Sound familiar? Let us show you how text ad messaging can reach your targeted market effectively and leverage your online reputation. Note: People look at their cell phones and smart phones constantly throughout the day. Speak with one of our consultants about creating a Mobile Text Ad Messaging campaign for you today.

Learn more about adding Text Ad Messaging for your Middle Tennessee business...

Additional Web Marketing Solutions...


Optimized Web Strategies

Web Services


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  • CIS Web 2.0 Hubs

    Web 2.0 Hub Sites are slightly different than static sites. The design promotes owner participation easily, putting content updates at your fingertips.
  • All Web Hubs integrate with common web analytics platforms

    No need to know tedious web code just to update your site with text and images. Use your favorite word processor for editing your site. Full training included and all well within the budget of any Middle Tennessee small business or organization.
    Contact us today.

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