About CIS

Cyber Income

At Cyber Income Solutions, we apply over 10 years of expertise in online consumer behavior and e-marketing resources to help entrepreneurs and organizations that want to bolster or start online marketing activities. We show you how to take advantage of emerging online publishing strategies, social media promotion and market penetration opportunities.

We research and develop targeted Web 2.0 Hubs along with implementing online strategies to leverage conversational marketing. By using web media, blogs, social networks, forums, viral videos, PPC campaigns, and other online portals we raise your awareness and help you build a commercial fan base for cultivating existing business relationship and developing new prospects..


By applying a proven campaign approach, we offer clients the opportunity to enhance their online marketing goals through a variety of means.

What We Do

Online Marketing & Web Media Development – Identify targeted content, brand messages, communities and influencers with the greatest potential for our clients’ to employ dynamic and effective social media engagement. We’ll help you create an online marketing blueprint based on marketing tools, resources and materials to coordinate and execute social media campaigns as a key component of your overall web marketing strategy.

  • - Web Development - Develop content and design to enhance your online presence

  • - Online Reputation Management - Help you bolster your online reputation

  • - Custom Emailable Coupons & PDF's- Custom digital coupons for product promotions

  • - Web Analytics & Training - Manage and train clients on the use of web analytics

  • - Banner Ads & Web Creatives - Develop and place strategic banners and web creatives

  • - Email Marketing Campaigns - Effective email marketing & newsletter campaigns

  • - Text Messaging Campaigns - Strategic text messaging advertising campaigns **

  • - Web Video - Develop and distribute web marketing videos for increased exposure

How You Can Benefit

Increase Sales & Revenue – Enables you to pursue new market opportunities in consumer generated content and increased end-user engagement

Strengthen Exist & New Customer Relationships – Social media networks help increase brand loyalty, cultivates and perpetuates client & brand presence as well as ongoing dialogue that will inform existing and future marketing segments about initiatives and/or product development

Amplified Brand Presence – Distribution of content throughout social media site help solidify brand massaging. We help you target and seed branded messages within existing online conversations to amplify exposure and your marketing efforts. This also help you manage your brand’s public e-perception

Increased Traffic to Site – Increased social media exposure translates into increased search engine visibility that effectively drives traffic to your site from targeted and high growth channels.

Competitive Market Insight – Social Media Marketing provides a quick and precise marketing channel for collecting valuable data on user behavior and interests which help clients better understand your customers’ needs and future marketing goals.